Frequently Asked Questions

How do Gutter Guards work?

Gutter guards act as protection on your roof & gutters to stop your gutters and downpipes from becoming clogged. Our gutter guards use a slopping style system allowing the materials to blow off the top of the guard with either wind and/or rain whilest still allowing water to pass through the gutter.

How Long Do Gutter Guards last?

All of our premium LEAF STOPPER® & Bluemountain Mesh System Gutter Guards being either Powder Coated Aluminium, Premium Polyethylene & Stainless Stell are guaranteed for 10 to 15 years respectively.

How Long Does Installation Take?

Weather permitting, our gutter guard installations take approx 1 day. The bigger the job, the more men we will put on it to ensure you are not inconvenienced by the work. We need to clean your gutters before installing gutter guards to ensure as minimal maintanence as possible.

How Much Do Gutter Guards Cost

Installation cost depends on a number of factors but is generally charged per meter ($m) plus gst. Our staff will need to assess: - Single Or Double Storey - Residential or Commercial Building - Length (m) of gutters & valleys - Type of gutter guard (ie Aliminium or Stainless Steel) - Box Guttters/ Tiled Roof/ Tin Roof - The need for special equipment to perform the installation (due to the lay of the land or other variables)

Do I Have To Maintain My Gutters With Your Gutter Guard?

Yes & No. Generally speaking our gutter guards need very little to no maitenance. This is because the wind will remove most material sitting on top of the gutter guard and the rains will flush out any silt that has built up. The main thing you may have to do from year to year is simply give your gutters a quick hose out with water and you're done. Our system allows you to hose through the guard.

Billing & Pricing

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Cancellation Policy

All our gutter guards are made to order there fore we require a non refundable 40% Deposit to process the manufacturing order for your gutter guards. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

We make every effort to ensure we have communicated the entire order of your gutter guards (ie profile, colour, length, type, etc) prior to placing the order. All orders must be confirmed in writing along with the deposit allow complete customer satisfaction.