How Gutter Guards Work

A build-up of leaves and other debris in gutters can cause serious maintenance issues, including an increased risk of flooding, pest and vermin infestation.


Unprotected gutters also require more frequent cleaning, with the increased risks to health and safety associated from working ‘at height’. Apart from the misery they cause, leaking gutters cost Australian industry millions of dollars every year in production disruption, stock loss and maintenance costs.

A recognised way to prevent blocked gutters, and effectively manage these environmental and safety risks, is to invest in gutter guards, which frequently provides a better return than either no maintenance program or regular cleaning.

How They Work

The ski-slope design of over-the-gutter gutter protection systems ensures that leaves and debris are blown off the roof through wind action whilst water is drawn through the mesh guard into the gutter.


This form of gutter protection is highly superior to other in-gutter systems (e.g. gutter coils, foam or brushes) which don’t stop debris from entering the gutter and can lead to a myriad of other problems (clogging, dislodging and risk of falls from DIY installation and need for more regular cleaning and maintenance).

Mesh Brochures & Product Guide

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